Google Adsense Bug Page “Not Found” how to fix?

Google Adsense Bug Page “Not Found” how to fix?

Are you facing issues during accessing your Google Adsense account? I am here to help you to fix this issue in just a few seconds.

What’s the issue?

Maybe its an Adsense bug, when we try to open We get an Error page showing:

“Not Found”

The requested URL %2Fadsense%2Fadsense%2Fnew%2F was not found on this server.

How does it look like?

Google Adsense Bug Page "Not Found" how to fix?


To Fix this Not Found issue Just focus on the URL when you open it redirects you to (

and here is a mistake in the URL it showing Adsense 2 times you just need to remove one Adsense from the URL and press enter and it starts working. The Correct Adsense URL looks like, (

Congratulations is working fine. Hope it helps a lot. Stay Tuned with us for more info.

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