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Google Adsense Bug Page “Not Found” how to fix?

Are you facing issues during accessing your Google Adsense account? I am here to help you to fix this issue in just a few seconds.

What’s the issue?

Maybe its an Adsense bug, when we try to open We get an Error page showing:

“Not Found”

The requested URL %2Fadsense%2Fadsense%2Fnew%2F was not found on this server.

How does it look like?


To Fix this Not Found issue Just focus on the URL when you open it redirects you to (

and here is a mistake in the URL it showing Adsense 2 times you just need to remove one Adsense from the URL and press enter and it starts working. The Correct Adsense URL looks like, (

Congratulations is working fine. Hope it helps a lot. Stay Tuned with us for more info.

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