Google announces child-friendly mode for Android tablets

Google announces child-friendly mode for Android tablets

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Internet search giant Google Has launched a new mode – called Kids Space – Select Android Pills. This mode will allow users to operate the tablet on a mode that facilitates apps, books and videos, which are suitable for children.
This Kids Space Mode will be available on some Lenovo Tablets – including Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD Gen 2 – first. However, it is said that more tablets also come worldwide, the company has said.
According to Google, Kids Space will let children create their own custom avatars by selecting their clothes, shoes, accessories and more. Next, it will allow children to choose their interests – such as animals, arts and crafts, science and nature, stories and writing, cooking, music, etc. – and then provide related content, including daily content recommendations, Fun facts are included. Jokes.
This kids space is said to come with a library of apps and books in the Play and Read tab which the company claims has been developed with the help of educational experts and children’s education experts.
“We’ve worked with top publishers to make popular children’s books free, and there are over 400 free books available in the US alone,” Google said. Mode will come with a direct link YouTube Kids Where children can watch videos.


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