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Google can let you shop online by simply talking to them

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Google is reportedly planning to introduce a new feature with which you talk to Google Assistant to make the payment. The feature is being tested for purchases within the Google ecosystem, but the idea is to enable users to confirm purchases by their voice. According to a report by
Android police, Google is running a pilot allowing users to shop in certain categories by talking to Google Assistant.

Only a handful of users have received this new feature. To check whether you have found it or not, go to the Settings menu in Google Assistant and then under Payment if you see a new option called “Confirm Voice Match”, you can try it. Thankfully, Google will be asking for your Google Account password to activate this feature.

If a voice-enabled payment is confirmed to Google Assistant for those going forward, you will be able to shop online by talking to Google Assistant on any smart speaker. One of the major risks of confirming payment via voice is that someone can actually record your voice to trigger Google Assistant to make the payment. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how Google fights such challenges. Saying that, processing the entire payment through voice only may not be such a simple task for Google as every country has a different set of rules for online payment and then OTP and other mandatory two to comply with it. – Factor authentication system.

So far, Google is not attempting to support Gateway’s third-party websites. According to the updated Google Assistant support page, when you authorize payment with a voice match, you can make purchases with your Google Assistant, such as in-app purchases via Google Play.


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