Google has launched a beta program to share folders in shared drives

Google has launched a beta program to share folders in shared drives

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Internet search giant Google has launched a new beta program that allows its G Suite users to share folders in shared drives, the company announced in a G Suite blog blog post.

Readers should note that until now, users had permission to share drives or individual files, however, it was not possible to share specific folders within a shared drive.

“With this beta, you can share a specific folder with other users, or upgrade member access to provide additional permissions to users on specific folders within the shared drive”, Google said in a blog post .

Google has also stated that the company will start accepting domains in this beta program in the coming weeks.

Only managers of that shared drive will be able to share folders. Except for managers, all those who will have access to that folder will not be able to share the folder, as they are not allowed to control extensive access to the content. The shared access level of folders in shared drives is the same as that in shared drives, with the exception of the manager, Google is added.

Once a domain is selected and this functionality is enabled, a user will be able to select a folder in a shared drive in which they are a manager and on the share in the folder menu (toolbar) to open the share dialog Click. From there, they can share folders.

“We will start implementing the Manager requirement with this beta program, and on September 1, 2020, for all G Suite customers. Going forward, it will no longer be possible for contributors or content managers at the target destination to move or share folders, ”said Google.


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