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Google is adding a new feature to help black-owned stores

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Google Is introducing a new tool to help user identity businesses owned by black people in the US. The facility is part of a pledge that Google CEO Sundar Pichai took to support the black community. Once this feature is publicly available, it will help businesses verify and mark it as black-owned on Google Search or Maps.
Google will provide a dedicated icon – black heart, with a three-striped orange background to mark black-owned businesses. This is similar to how Google helped identify women-led businesses on maps. Saying that this process of identification will not happen automatically and owners will need to register their businesses with Google and verify the same.
In June, Pichai called for a company-wide call for 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence to “lose memories of black lives”. For the duration it was deliberately held that it is tantamount to protest against murder George floyd By a police officer in Minneapolis. Google also announced that it would donate $ 12 million to organizations that are helping to overcome racial discrimination.
“We will give $ 12 million in funding to organizations working to address racial disparities. The first grant of $ 1 million each of us will go to our long-term partners in the Center for Polling Equity and Equal Justice Initiative. And we Will provide technical support from Google org Fellow Program. This is over $ 32 million donated to racial justice in the last five years. In an open letter, Pichai said that we offer $ 25 million to help organizations fighting racial injustice.
To verify a business on Google, the owner is required to visit Google My Business Support and sign-in with their login credentials. Some business owners can also verify via phone call, text, email, or Google Search Console.


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