Google is linking these security features with Gmail, Google Meet and Google Chat

Google is linking these security features with Gmail, Google Meet and Google Chat

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Google Has announced new updates for GmailMeet, and chat to promote data security and provide more privacy for users. Google is rolling out new features to prevent phishing and also to keep uninvited guests out. Google meat Video chat
New security features coming in Gmail
Google has begun testing a new standard for email security. Called the Brand Indicator for Message Identification (BIMI), it is currently in the pilot phase and will roll out to organizations authenticating their emails using DMARC (domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance).
This would basically allow companies to validate ownership of their corporate logos and circulate them safely to Google. Next, Google will investigate them through its anti-abuse, then it will start displaying logos in existing avatar slots in the Gmail UI. The objective is essentially to create a strong authenticity for the emails that users receive from brands.
New security features for Google Meet
For Google Meet, the company is adding features that it says help ensure that only intended participants are allowed in video meetings. Google will give increased control to Google Meeting hosts, who can “knock” and join their meetings. The equipment already requires people who are not included in the calendar of a meeting and explicitly invite them to knock and ask to be admitted to the meeting. Now, once they are kicked out, they will not be able to attempt to knock in the same meeting again, unless the hosts invite them again. Also, if a user is denied multiple requests, the user will be automatically blocked from sending more requests to join the meeting.
Another thing the company is adding to Google Meet is that Google Meeting hosts can decide what kind of joining method – such as calendar invitations or phone – requiring users to get explicit approval to join is. Google also has advanced security locks that will block users who have not logged into a Google account to join a meeting, and require that the host join first. Google will also enable hosts to control the level of attendee engagement in meetings, for example, it will allow them to control which attendees can chat and present during the meeting.
New security features for Google chat
For chat, Google is expanding its strong phishing protection for Gmail’s chat. In the coming weeks, Google has stated that if users suspect malicious activities, they will be able to block chat rooms. In addition, Google will now automatically detect and limit abusive content.


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