Google is making this change in Google Images

Google is making this change in Google Images

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Internet Search giant Google Has announced several new features for this Google Images, The company announced in a blog post. “Using these features to find the right image, as well as guidelines for how to license an image for your business or personal project, is much easier than before,” Google said.
At first, Google stated that it was going to make it easier for users to find licenseable images. For results where the publisher or image creator has provided licensing information, Google will display a “licenseable” badge on the image. Next, when a user selects a bad image to view, Google will show a link to the license details of the image, and if provided by the publisher, users will also get a link where they purchase the image or Can license.
Secondly, the Images section on Google will allow users to filter results to show only images that contain licensing information. Google Images will allow users to either select images that have a Creative Commons license, or that have commercial or other licenses, in the Use Rights dropdown menu on Google Images. For any type of license, the user will be able to know how to get the license for the image by clicking on the license details link provided.
“These updates are part of changes made on Google Images in recent years to clarify who is the creator or copyright holder of the image,” Google said.


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