Google reveals interesting search trends for Pakistan in 2020

Google reveals interesting search trends for Pakistan in 2020

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  • Google says some of the topics most watched were the TV show “Dubbed in Urdu”, “How to Adopt a Pet”, and “Mental Health Collaboration” resources.
  • Pakistanis were also interested in how to increase “charity work” and how they could introduce more “reusable” products into their lives.
  • Among the coronavirus epidemics, the search for “disease prevention” increased by 109%

KARACHI: Corona virus epidemics have significantly affected the lives of everyone in the last one year and its impact was felt by Google in 2020.

As coronavirus infections in Pakistan increase by about 1.5 million, Google has released its ‘Search the Year’ report for 2020, which shows what the most popular topics and questions of citizens are. Were

According to Google, some of the most viewed topics in the search companies owned by Alphabet Inc. include “children’s home activities, dubbed in Urdu” TV shows, “how to adopt a pet”, and “mental”. Resources include “Health Assistance”.

In addition, people were curious about how to increase “charity work” and how they could introduce more “reusable” products into their lives – a global climate emergency response. The latter is the effect of conversation.

Not only that, Pakistanis were surprisingly interested in “gender equality”.

The “Deep Dive” report highlights collective trends in online searches, highlighting how the Pakistani public’s curiosity and brand opportunities have been affected.

In this regard, Faraz Azhar, head of Google’s industry in South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, noted that the Corona virus epidemic has affected people’s lives in “fundamental ways” and “how we live our lives.” Significantly passes “has changed.

“It also gave us a desire to connect and give back to our wider community – as search increased by 41%.sadaqah“,” Azhar added.

Search for “disease prevention” has increased by 109%, according to the report.

Furthermore, searches for “gender equality” increased by 40%, while those for “mental health assistance”, “reusability” and “charity work” increased by 100%, 128% and 122%, respectively.

It seems like the more time at home and the resulting anger, the more people want to work, as the 71% increase in the “way to be productive” shows. Others were more interested in playing online games but it was more physical, so the search for a “gaming chair” increased by 90%.

Furthermore, some people think that they want to be a loving companion to spend time and put more energy into a creature, which leads to a 700% increase in the search for “pet adoption”. Is. Others, on the other hand, wondered if they could make more money, leading to a 223% increase in the search for “stock investment”.

Similarly, parents had problems with their children because the classes had shifted online and the adults were working from home. This translates to a 250% increase in the search for “domestic activities in children”, a 328% increase in “dubbed in Urdu” and a 140% increase in “Easy Sweet”.

“In a year of historic challenges, happiness and joy are very welcome,” said Amir Altaf, head of customer solutions sales at Google’s South Asia country.

“Consumers are embracing brands that create happiness and create a safe space for them to break,” Altaf said.

“Take gaming, for example. We’ve seen a 35% increase in searches over online games over the same period last year.

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