Gorakhpur girl brings the Forbes list of 2021 figures

Gorakhpur girl brings the Forbes list of 2021 figures

GORAKHPUR: Local girl Shruti Pandey has made her mark in the Purvanchal region and state as she has been selected by Forbes among 30 recipients from Asia in the 2021 list, a leading US business, investment, technology, entrepreneurship Is focusing on , Leadership, and lifestyle.

Forbes magazine informed Sriti via e-mail on Tuesday that she figures on her 30 under the 20 Asia list of 2021, her father MN Pandey told TOI.

The Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list features 30 bright and innovative millennials and Gen-Z leaders in 10 categories that are protected and thriving despite global uncertainty.


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29-year-old Shrithi has been selected in the industry, manufacturing and energy categories.

Shrita is the founder and CEO of Stroktor Eco, registered in Gorakhpur and has an office in Delhi, and his enterprise makes panels made of agricultural waste that are environmentally friendly and low-cost, sustainable and non-toxic. Strowctor Eco is one of the first make-in-India companies committed to manufacturing carbon making products.

His innovative idea also solves the problem of burning crop residue which causes a lot of air pollution in the country and provides an environmentally friendly housing model.

Speaking to TOI on Wednesday, Sriti said, “It was a real surprise to me when I received an email from Forbes about my selection in the 30 Under 30 list in Asia.”

“We make environmentally friendly boards with compressed agricultural fibers which are then used in home construction and furniture making. The boards are acoustic, thermal, termite and moisture resistant, ”she said.

Shrithi did her Class X from Gorakhpur and Class XII from Delhi and did her Masters in Construction Management from New York University. She returned to India and founded Stroctor Echo in 2018. He first obtained SBI Youth Fellowship and worked in rural areas of Madhya Pradesh. In 2018, during the UP Startup Conclave at IIM, Lucknow, his innovative idea was accepted by the UP government and his project was included in the startup. The United Nations also praised and honored her work in 2019 as her technology aims to reduce pollution by reducing crop waste in agricultural fiber panels for industrial and commercial construction.

Last year, he was named a climate partner by New York-based nonprofit Eco Green and received $ 90,000 in seed financing.

We currently have 10–12 full-time employees. I would like to have more women in my firm, but we hardly have women in this area. Even in the US, there were only six women in my class of 45 years. If we find suitable candidates, I would be happy to employ women.


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