Got his back ٹ Trump’s iron grip on the GOP – in the Guardian Week of February 19 | Donald Trump

Donald Trump left office a month ago in disgrace as US president and was twice impressed. The January 6 massacre by his supporters in the US capital was seen as the last nail in his coffin and political coffin, but only seven republics have survived a swift impeachment and trial last week. Trump voted to punish him for inciting protests. Those who voted against it quickly faced the GOP base. It shows that although senior Republicans want to get away from it, Trump is in command of the party. Maybe they shouldn’t have cleared the way to run again in 2024?

In India, protests against new farming laws have been going on since last September. This week, our South Asian correspondent Hannah Ellis Petersen left for protest camps on the outskirts of Delhi in late November. Meanwhile, despite the growing backlash from the Modi government, she is finding a deviant mood.

Last Sunday, at the end of the freezing cold, with most of the population trapped indoors, there was good news in Britain. The NHS Vaccination Campaign has announced that it has offered to vaccinate all 15 million people in the four most vulnerable groups and will now do the same for people over the age of 50 by the end of April. Is trying Dean Sabbagh spoke about the success of the vaccine program in the UK and the success of local doctors’ surgeries. Then Deputy Political Editor Jessica Elliott looks at how Prime Minister Boris Johnson can choose to unlock.

Also in this week’s issue: An interview with Bill Gates who is turning to his problem-solving skills (and billions of dollars) to deal with the climate crisis. Sophie Elmhurst tells the story of the boom in popularity in the world’s most dangerous cosmetic surgery – Brazil’s Butt Lift – and Sean O’Hagan meets author Frances Lebotz, who, along with Martin, has created a new one thanks to her new Netflix documentary series. Identifying the surface. Scorsese

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