Government has no option, listen to wise counsel: Chidambaram

Government has no option, listen to wise counsel: Chidambaram

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NEW DELHI: The Congress, After rejecting the government’s economic package announced to revive the economy, said that the sooner the government accepts the suggestions suggested by Congress.
Former finance minister P Chidambaram Twitter on Wednesday said: “I tweeted a few days ago that the day is not far when the Congress will accept the suggestions of the government. A stubborn government has no choice and must listen to experience and wise consultation. ”
Citing media reports, Chidambaram said, “The government has indicated cash transfers to the poor.”
He added, “The government has also acknowledged through practically anonymous sources that it has asked the RBI to be prepared for monetization of fiscal deficit.”

The Congress is demanding a cash transfer of Rs 65,000 crore directly into the account of the people.
Rahul Gandhi in his press conference on Tuesday said that it is important that the government share concrete plans to deal with the crisis of our migrants? How can it plan a test that is urgently needed? How does it plan to support our MSMEs? How will our state governments be funded? He said that there are many important questions, which the government is not answering to us, which need to be addressed immediately.
“Earlier this month, the Prime Minister announced an economic stimulus, which according to him was equivalent to 10 percent of GDP. However, economists in India and around the world have done the math and come to the sad conclusion that the economic stimulus Announced. The Prime Minister actually has less than 1 percent of our GDP and this is also in the context of most of the loans that can drag our MSMEs into the debt trap they will struggle to overcome, “Rahul Gandhi said.


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