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Graft Buster is behind the drug lords

IslamabadThe country’s top anti-graft body has launched an investigation into allegations of corruption and misconduct against officials of the Federal Drug Inspector’s Balochistan office, including Chief Drug Inspector Syed Abdul Saleem.

The progress has been made on the orders of the Balochistan High Court, which recently asked the National Accountability Bureau to come up with a comprehensive investigation report on the sale of substandard and sharp drugs in the province.

Documents available with the Daily Times show that the NAB has regularly asked the office of the Federal Drug Inspector of Balochistan to accompany him to the province since 2008 with orders regarding his appointment, assumption of charge and resignation. Provide details of the designated Federal Drug Inspectors and other officials. , Charter of Duties, and details of current posting or agreement.

It has also sought details of relevant rules, regulations, and SOPs in cases filed by the Federal Drug Inspector’s Office and since 2008, in which drugs were declared illegal, substandard, or unregistered, but with legal action. Gambling is not allowed. With reasons.

The NAB had sought details of cases filed by the Federal Drug Inspector Balochistan’s office since 2008 in which the prosecution was allowed but the challans were not filed in the court along with the reason.

It sought a record of cases sent to the prosecution for permission, but the appropriate forum rejected the request and legalized the Central Licensing and Registration Board, which has been the realm of immovable, counterfeit and unregistered drugs that the Federal Drug Inspector has since 2006. Sent for gambling. NAB referred to Section 19 of the National Accountability Ordinance 1999 for this purpose.

During a recent hearing by the Balochistan High Court at the request of a pharmaceutical company, it was transferred that the Chief Drug Inspector of the Provincial Health Department had earlier held the post of Federal Drug Inspector and the documents show that the Balochistan Drug Court Despite the directive, he was not suspended nor did he bother to comply with court orders to submit the challan.

The documents also revealed that 105 cases of substandard, immovable and unregistered drugs were detected but no challan was issued in any of the cases except two or three and even the Provincial Quality Control Board. Guevara did not bother to approve the prosecution and thus failed. To follow the law completely.

The court observed that it was unfortunate that due to the highly questionable and pathetic performance of the Provincial Quality Control Board, the Provincial Chief Drug Inspector, and the Federal Drug Inspector, the people of Balochistan received substandard and fast drugs. The matter should be thoroughly investigated and a report submitted. He also summoned the concerned officials.


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