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Greta Thunberg to quit COP26 over improper vaccine rollout

Stockholm: Swedish climate campaigner Greta Thunberg said on Friday that she plans to skip the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow this November, saying the uneven rollout of the Kovid-19 vaccine campaigns would mean that the country would also be on terms Can not participate.
The 18-year-old activist said that by November young healthy people in rich countries would be vaccinated “often at the expense of people in risk groups in other parts of the world.”
“I will not attend the COP26 conference with extremely uneven vaccine distribution if development is still ongoing,” Thünberg said in an interview to AFP.
Thunberg confirmed a BBC report saying that the conference should be postponed “if not everyone can attend the same terms.”
Once the conference was already adjourned as it was originally planned for November 2020.
While the climate issue has been largely controlled by the epidemic, COP26 is seen as one of the opportunities to put the climate issue back on the agenda.
The absence of Greta Thunberg, who advocates immediate and rapid targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions rather than targets set decades from now, would be a symbolic blow.
However, the publicist said that if vaccine access improves, he reversed his decision.
“Of course I would love to participate in COP26. But not until everyone can participate on equal terms,” ​​Thunberg said.
According to AFP Tally, more than 700 million doses of Kovid-19 vaccines have been administered globally, with only a handful of countries leading the pack with a wide margin.
Although vaccination has begun in at least 195 regions worldwide, wealthier countries have made much more progress than the rest, with just 0.1 percent of the dose administered in the lowest-income countries.
Matshidiso Moiti, director of the World Health Organization for Africa, said on Thursday that the continent was on the “edge” of a worldwide vaccination campaign against Kovid-19, with only two percent of the global total.
In late March, the WHO warned of a wide gap in the distribution of vaccines between rich and poor countries, with the agency’s head, Tedros Adnom Ghebreyes, calling the unequal distribution “not only a moral outrage, but a warning that it was” economic And epistemology is self-defeating. ”
Thunberg launched a campaign for action on climate change at the age of 15, with Sweden spending a Friday outside the parliament, “sitting outside the Swedish parliament in August 2018” with him “school strike” For the Climate. ”
His protests drew widespread attention and addressed film crews around the world at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York in 2019, making headlines around the world.
“how dare you!” She thunders.
He was voted Person of the Year by Time magazine in 2019.


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