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Greta Thunberg’s protests burned in India after tweets on farmers’ protests in Delhi

Protesters in Delhi have burned statues of Swedish environmentalist Greta Thonberg after she tweeted in support of Indian protesting farmers in the posts, prompting an Indian police investigation.

Crowds gathered in Delhi to protest against the sacrifice of sentimentality in India and a number of international figures, including pop singer Rehna, and angered the government after tweeting about the ongoing protests this week. Pictures of Thunberg and Rehna were illuminated and banners read, saying “international interference” in Indian affairs would not be tolerated.

Since November, millions of farmers have been raiding Delhi and demanding the repeal of several new agricultural laws. After hundreds of storms rocked the capital’s historic Red Fort, following a spate of violent incidents last week, Delhi Police sent riot officers and paramilitary troops, barred entry and exit routes to protest sites and blocked access to mobile internet It was raining on the farmers.

After tweeting a “toolkit” for those who want to support farmers, Thunberg became embroiled in allegations of international criminal conspiracy against India. The document included campaign advice, such as suggested hashtags and advice on signing petitions.

Although not named in the police case registered in the case, Thunberg’s tweet is said to have drawn the attention of Delhi Police to the existence of the toolkit. Leaders of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said the toolkit was “evidence of international plots to attack India”.

Responding to reports that a case had been registered against Thunberg, Delhi’s Special Commissioner of Police, Praveen Ranjan, said: “We have not named anyone in the FIR. [first information report]It is only against the creators of the toolkit which is under investigation and the Delhi Police will investigate the matter.

Farmers protest in Delhi on Thursday. Photographer: Indian Photo Agency / Rex / Shutterstock

On Wednesday, Thunberg tweeted: “We express solidarity with the farmers’ protest in India,” and linked to an article on heavy-handed measures used against protesting farmers.

Earlier, Rihanna tweeted an article on crackdown on farmers, saying: “Why aren’t we talking about it!”

The Indian government issued a statement in response to which it issued a stern warning against celebrities by tweeting “sensational social media hashtags and comments”.

On Thursday, shortly after the news of the police investigation broke, Thunberg confirmed his position. He tweeted to his 4.7 million followers, “I still support #StandWitFamers and their peaceful protest. He said that any level of hatred, intimidation or violation of human rights could never be changed. #FarmersProtest. “

Farmers’ protests have become a highly inflammatory issue in India, with little resolution. Nine rounds of talks between the government and farmers have failed, and the Supreme Court has recently suspended law enforcement.

Farmers have said they will not back down until the government agrees to repeal a series of laws passed last year.

The government has said the laws will allow more private investment and modernization in archeological farming. Farmers say that as a result of these changes, large retailers will have the opportunity to buy directly from farmers, meaning that the long-guaranteed prices of their crops will be eliminated and they will be at the mercy of big business. Will be released

Media access to the protest sites has been severely curtailed. One journalist was arrested for entering a single site over the weekend, and nine Indian journalists have faced other charges, including treason and conspiracy, over social media posts related to the protests.


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