Guardian’s view on withdrawal from Afghanistan: retreat in uncertainty | Editorial

BThe US president, Joe Biden, is leading the repatriation of US troops from Afghanistan and the withdrawal of NATO and coalition forces from the country.Eternal wars“I have to deal with stress at home. Although the impact of the withdrawal will be felt most acutely in Afghanistan, where it can be justified that the Taliban are in danger of regaining power, the broader question Mr Biden has raised is for neighboring nuclear-armed Pakistan. And what role does he want to play in that? Region.

Briefly, despite being Pakistan’s frontline state in the longest US war between Washington and Islamabad, there is little trust. Mr. Biden served as Barack Obama’s vice president, who, in his memoirs, described a promised land, Has written It had preferred not to include Pakistan in the 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound because it was an “open secret” that elements within the Pakistani military, and especially its intelligence services, had identified “the Taliban and here Even maintaining ties to al-Qaeda, sometimes using them as strategic assets, ensures that the Afghan government is weak and fails to align itself with India’s number one rival, India.

In the defense of Pakistan, it can be said that the past is another country. He says he no longer provides sanctuary to terrorists or seeks to radicalize Muslim opinion with which he has influence. Undoubtedly, Pakistan has been a victim of terrorist attacks and has sheltered millions of refugees. Despite this, Biden did not escape the wrath of the administration when, after eight days in power, Pakistan’s high court Ordered Release of a man convicted in 2002 of kidnapping and murdering Daniel Pearl, a Wall Street Journal reporter.

Pakistan is an army with which it is an adjoining country. Imran Khan serves as Prime Minister. But it is General Qamar Javed Bajwa, the army chief, who mostly calls the shots. The general received a call from Mr Biden’s secretary of defense. Afterwards, the army chief promised that “Buried pastWith India. Mr Khan is currently being adopted by the White House. This may be because Washington wanted to put pressure on Pakistan to provide a base for the CIA in the country to carry out drone strikes against the Taliban. In 2011, the United States was expelled from its last Pakistani facility. Last month, Mr. Khan wrote one Optional edition Rejecting the idea that the United States could re-establish a military base in the country.

Increasing risks of a Taliban occupation Shape the dynamics of the region. Not least because decades ago they targeted the country with a number of Sunni terrorists. Together with Iran supported an armed resistance. A Taliban government in Kabul gave Pakistan the idea that it could take control of Afghanistan and gain the “strategic depth” needed to challenge India. Since then, China has moved closer to Islamabad. Facing hostile Beijing, New Delhi has sought to improve relations with Pakistan. Mr Biden knows that Afghanistan is known as one “Cemetery of Empires” For good reason, he wants his foreign policy to mark a break with the past and meet the challenges of the future. But turning points only work if one knows where to turn.


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