Guinea pig jib of Brazil’s Prez Bolsonaro – China defended its Kovid vaccine after world news

Guinea pig jib of Brazil’s Prez Bolsonaro – China defended its Kovid vaccine after world news

China defended its vaccine research and development capabilities on Thursday, a day after Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro canceled plans to buy a potential Kovid-19 vaccine from a jib that Brazilians would not be “someone’s guinea pig” . Bolsonaro said the day after Health Minister Eduardo Pazuelo said Brazil wanted to buy 46 million doses of China’s Synovac vaccine for the vaccination program.

China’s Synovac vaccine was being tested by the Brazilian Research Center Butanon Institute and still needs to be approved by the health regulator used in the population.

When asked for feedback on Bolsonaro’s comments, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a media briefing that “China’s vaccines lead the R&D world”.

He said four vaccines from China are currently in phase three clinical trials.

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“Chinese vaccine R&D is actually highly spoken by various countries,” he said, adding that China is also part of the COVAX, the World Health Organization coalition, which would evenly distribute Kovid-19 vaccines worldwide. is. Bolsonaro said the Chinese vaccine has not yet completed testing, which is the case with all possible vaccines for the virus. “My decision is not to buy such a vaccine.” Brazil has been one of the countries most affected by coronavirus.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, this is nearly 5.3 million confirmed cases after the US and India – the third largest tally in the world after the US and India – and second only to the US in terms of deaths. .

Bolsonaro’s decision to use his vaccine as a diplomatic tool for China’s bullying came specifically to enhance its global image with the supply of coronavirus vaccines to developing countries. However, Zhao said that China “is committed that once deployed and using our vaccines will be for the good of the global public.” “China will contribute to the access and affordability of vaccines in developing countries”, he said, adding that China and Brazil have seen sound cooperation in Kovid-19 control.

“We believe that such cooperation will contribute to our final and complete victory over the virus in China, Brazil and around the world,” he said.

Brazil’s decision on Synovac followed Bangladesh’s decision to stop the Phase-3 trial, after the Chinese firm asked the Bangladeshi government to co-finance it.


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