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Gujarat Board 10th result 2021 declared, A1 grade to 17 thousand

AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) on Tuesday declared the class 10 results in which 17,186 students from the state managed to secure A-1 grade, which is considered to be the highest score. In comparison, last year 1,671 students cleared the class 10 board exam with A-1 grade.

The state government canceled the class 10 board exam and evaluated the students on the basis of merit. According to the instructions of the state government for mass promotion, not a single regular student should fail.


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GSHSEB allotted grace marks of up to 198 per student in many cases to ensure that they pass class X as per the rules laid down by the state government for mass promotion of 8.75 lakh regular students. The results were declared on Tuesday night at 8 pm. The schools have to download the result from the website using the login details and hand it over to the students on Wednesday.

Those scoring more than 90% got an A-1 grade, while those scoring less than 80% to 90% got an A grade. Students with scores from 70% to less than 80% have got a B grade. The lowest score is for those students who have scored less than 40%. He got D grade.

The number of students securing A-2 grade is 57,362 and in case of B-1 grade, the total number of students this year is 1,00,973. Similarly in case of B-2, C-1 and C-2 the number of students is 1,50,432, 1,85,266 and 1,72,253 respectively. The total number of students for D grade is 1,73,732.

Around 1.36 lakh students have got D grade in Gujarati subject while 2,73,000 students have got D grade in Mathematics. In the case of Science subject, about 2,60,000 students obtained D grade and for English medium students, 8,168 obtained D grade in English subject.

Sanskrit, a second language subject, had the highest number of students with A-1 grades. 35036 students got A-1 grade in Sanskrit.

Most of the students get A-1 grade every year in Surat. This time also Surat’s dominance remained unchanged. This time the highest number of 2,991 students of Surat have got A-1 grade. Apart from this, 2,056 students have got A-1 grade in Rajkot. Around 881 students from Ahmedabad city and 1,158 students from Ahmedabad rural got A-1 grade.


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