Guru told that prepare students to achieve ‘Mission Centenary’

Guru told that prepare students to achieve ‘Mission Centenary’

ROPAR: Education Secretary, Krishna Kumar, gave place to Principal Mentors, District Mentors, Block Mentors, Block Nodal Officers, District Sikhia Sudhar Team Members and District Education Officers of Ropar and Nawanshahar Districts to ensure careful implementation of the scheme at Ground Zero is. The level of translating ‘Mission Centenary Pledge’ into reality.

During the turbulent period of epidemic Kovid-19, Krishna Kumar, while applauding the continuous, dedicated and dedicated efforts being made by the officials of the Department of Education and school teachers to provide better infrastructure and quality education to the students. Stated that given the dedication by the school teachers in meeting the challenges, the “mission centenary” was not a wishful thinking.

The Education Department has made a careful plan to achieve the मिशन Mission Centre Pratikshaिक्. The structure of revised test material, question bank, model test paper as per revised syllabus and question paper is being provided to the students. Data analysis of students’ progress reports based on previous house exams has been done and micro planning has been done to prepare weak, average and meritorious students for the upcoming board exams. The school teachers are taking additional classes, both physical and virtual, as per the convenience of the students and following the Kovid-19 guidelines and adopting innovative initiatives like ‘Buddy Groups’ and ‘Every One, Ask One’, while The Education Secretary said, addressing a meeting of the government. The teachers of Girls Senior Secondary School, Ropar and the school were asked to ensure that teaching materials, question banks, model test papers and other latest guidelines reach the students properly.

He also asked them to mobilize teachers and students to download the Punjab Educare app for easy access to the necessary materials and latest information.

Various schools displayed their PowerPoint presentations with data analysis and micro planning of their students’ progress reports, as well as innovative initiatives designed to achieve the desired goal during the meeting.


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