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H1B Visa News: Indians on H-1B with US-born children feel left out, asking for help. International Business News

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Washington: Many Indians have said mostly on H-1B visas that they feel their US-born children are ineligible to travel to India, as the Indian government enforced those restrictions in the wake of the coronovami epidemic.
The Vande Bharat Mission, launched last month, is the biggest exercise by the Indian government to bring back its citizens stranded abroad due to coronovirus lockdown. More than 1.07 lakh people have returned to the country under the program.
Angaraj Kailasam, who is now out of state for the expiry of his work visa in the US, requested the Indian government to allow minors of Indians to travel in the Vande Bharat Mission as well.
US laws are expected to leave the country as soon as possible, but current Indian law will not allow her to live with her US-born daughter.
“(Daughter) has an entry and emergency visa, but due to the current travel visa restrictions, we cannot go back to India because all the visas have been suspended by the Indian government,” Angraj said.
He said, “The Indian consulate considered my request for an emergency visa and they approved it last week, but even I can’t travel unless visa restrictions for categories like emergency / entry visas Not to be exempted, ”he said.
Gopinath Nagarajan said that his mother is in a coma in India.
“The doctor said that it is better that I have to be there immediately because her life is at great risk and she is breathing in the last days,” he told PTI.
“I plan to visit India as soon as possible, but I have an American baby born four months (Prakriti Gopinath). Me and my wife are Indian passport holders, ”he said.
Jinci Mathew said, “We are in a situation that we cannot be part of the repatriation flights because my child (six months) does not have an Indian Visa or Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) card. We have a valid reason for returning to India but we cannot do so because our minor child cannot be left alone in America.
Jinci’s student visa is about to expire soon.
“I have registered with the Indian Mission San Francisco and have tried to apply for an emergency visa for my child but the Mission in San Francisco is not accepting any applications. We are really stranded here without food and money.
“My husband lost his job in the second week of March. A charity is helping us make food, diapers among others… Please help get an emergency visa for my baby and please help with repatriation, ”said Jinsi.
Rose Meryn Pathroz, who was working in Chicago on an H-1B visa, vacated her apartment, sold her car and furniture and packed her suitcase with her three-year-old son on his way back to India , For which she was able to get an Indian tourist visa.
He said, “I was not able to apply for my OCI, because my visa was expiring soon and it was one of the requirements to apply for OCI after the parent’s visa had six months of validity.” ,” he said.
Pathrowse said that there are many people who are running out of money to survive until they start working and resume work.
“I’m not doing medical insurance for either me or my son, you might think how risky it is to be here with this condition,” she said.
“I’m in an emergency,” said Sioj Valson from San Francisco.
Away from a job on an H-1B visa, Walson was planning to move back to India in April, but a month-old baby girl, with an American citizen by birth, is not able to travel back because her daughter cannot get an OCI. Could have card in time.
“We are bleeding here emotionally and financially, and it is very difficult to continue living here with my family. Can anyone help us? ” He asked.
George Sebastian’s US work visa (L1B) expired on 7 March and his renewal petition was dismissed on 22 April.
“As a result, I was placed pending a move for my company’s Indian subsidiary. I will not receive salary, medical benefits among others during my stay in the US. If anyone in my family falls ill, all our savings will be exhausted in a day, along with the expenses here. ‘
Sebastian has a nine-month-old daughter, a US passport holder with a valid Indian entry (X1) visa.
“The only way for us to return to India with our baby daughter is if we have an OCI card based on current Indian government guidelines. However, we cannot apply for the OCI card because we are already out of position in the US. Otherwise, OCI application takes at least 60 days in San Francisco.
“My employer is fully supportive and wants to bring me back to India. However, even their hands are tied due to the Indian government and US laws, ”said Sebastian.
Sandeep Barui and his wife are both Indian citizens and their child is a US-born child with an emergency entry visa in India.
“We are going to India permanently because I have to join India by July. My wife’s visa status will expire in a few days.
“I know there are repatriation flights and I have also registered with the embassy. But, since my child is not an Indian citizen or OCI card holder, we do not travel even if we are selected for repatriation by the embassy. Will get
Malaysian citizen Victoria Michael married an Indian citizen last year and is now 30 weeks pregnant.
“I would like to return to my husband in Punjab because I am unemployed and there are no family or friends in Malaysia to take care of my family and my child during pregnancy. However, I am not eligible for an OCI card as I am married for less than two years, ”she said in an email from Malaysia.
“I really hope to get a visa to travel to India before my due date (mid-July), otherwise my child will end up in an orphanage because I am financially stable to take care of the child on my own Am not, ”said Michael. , He said that he sent several emails to the Indian mission but to no avail.


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