Halloween 2020 Coronavirus Edition: The Year of All Moves and No Behavior – Art and Culture

Halloween 2020 Coronavirus Edition: The Year of All Moves and No Behavior – Art and Culture

On Halloween, people from all over the world celebrate by indulging in all things scary and scary. It is the one day of the year when the rules of normal society are thrown out the window and people are encouraged to give in to their dark side. Halloween, which falls on October 31, is a popular Western holiday for people of all ages, with little people doing door-to-door tricks or treating and collecting candies from their neighbors, everyone taking their favorite characters from popular media Dressed in costumes or something out of their imagination, pumpkin carvings in jack-o-lanterns are a tradition for families and prank friends with tricks are popular among teenagers. But this year, it seems that nature has collectively pulled all of humanity’s ideals. As we jump from one disaster to another, people around the world have been living in constant terror since the beginning of this year. Ordinary ghosts, ghouls and serial killers just don’t do it for us anymore, because the horrors of reality can be much more cumbersome than any mythical creature fears. Here are some truly heartbreaking things that bother us this year. proceed with caution!

Coronavirus: 2020 plague

Nature brought a game to the Halloween party this year, no question. Only, this time, nature misunderstood the invitation and came 8 months ago and decided to stay! The coronovirus epidemic has turned the whole world into a frenzy and there is no escape from it.

Bubonic Plague Bird Mask (Unsplash)

Funky masks that were reserved just for Halloween have become the new norm, and the only silver lining is that if you go out wearing this Halloween’s ‘bubonic plague’ bird mask, it would be perfectly reasonable! The coronavirus epidemic gave a new meaning to the term ‘body count’, and to say that we are living in ‘unprecedented’ times is being put in lightly.


There is nothing more terrifying than an unexplained cough in the area around you this season, whether it is yours or someone around you, it is enough to spread panic in any heart. No amount of germ-busting gear seems sufficient; People have worn masks, gloves, face shields and even shoe covers to avoid germ attacks from public places. Let us not forget all the hand sanitizer shows we are taking. This is both a germ’s greatest fantasy and most painful nightmare!

Personal space attack

Even on a good, Kovid-19 free day, people in our country can do it with the lesson of respecting personal boundaries and affirming each other’s personal space. Whether you’re in line at the grocery store or experiencing the horrors of local transport during this time, chances are a dozen people will stand a little too close for comfort and perseverance! On a lighter note, at least we now have a valid excuse for not doing a constant hag that a person who just doesn’t let go!

Domestic horror show

Don’t get me wrong, we all love our family, it’s okay. right?! But perhaps 8 months of constant forced companionship and subtle passive-aggressive comments were not on our mind. Gone are the early days of the epidemic when the entire family gathered to play monopoly or the ever controversial UNO after dinner to pass the time. And the United Nations declared that you could not play a draw 2 on the other was the final straw! Acquaintances cannot contempt in this case, but this is certainly the extent of jealousy. How difficult it is to lift a wet towel off the floor, brother!

home alone

Each day was all fun and games not to go to work in the morning until #workfromhome came into play. The boundaries between work and life have blurred into oblivion so far, for many, shifting their work from desk to bed signals the end of the day! By constantly sitting at the right horror desk, our spine is about to form, this is sure. Not to mention that for a lot of people, the only stable and healthy relationship in our lives is the FBI agent monitoring us via webcam!

Kovid Buster

The coronovirus epidemic brought along all the graduates of What’s App University and some of its troubling PhD hypotheses. Perhaps, in the face of a disease that has the potential to kill millions of people, we should listen to the experts, rather than play a game of catch with a coronoid-sized ball until someone ends up in the morgue. Lets do it. Fake news may have become a trend on the Internet, but user discipline is of paramount importance. But you never know, maybe eating the 8th tide pod can make things right!

And if that’s not enough to give you goosebumps, you can always cancel the US presidential debate. Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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