Harshvardhan launches India’s first mobile lab for Kovid-19 test India News

Harshvardhan launches India’s first mobile lab for Kovid-19 test India News

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New Delhi: Union Minister Harsh Vardhan on Thursday launched a mobile laboratory for coronovirus testing, which can be deployed in rural areas and help promote last mile testing.
The mobile lab, also known as the I-Lab or infectious disease diagnosis laboratory, can run 50 RT-PCRs and about 200 ELISA tests in a day. Vardhan said that a double set of machines can help increase capacity by about 500 tests per day in an 8-hour shift. Department of Biotechnology (DBT) under Ministry of Science and Technology with Andhra Pradesh Med-Tech Zone (AMTZ) launches DBT-AMTZ COMMAND (COVID-19 Medtech Manufacturing Development) consortia to address the shortage of critical healthcare technologies. Has India is progressively moving towards a phase of self-sufficiency.

AMTZ is Asia’s first medical device manufacturing ecosystem, dedicated exclusively to medical technology and supported by various ministries.
The mobile testing laboratory is a result of this initiative.
The minister said, “This mobile testing facility will be deployed through remote DBT testing centers for coronavirus testing in remote areas of the country.”
There are now more than 20 hubs in the country with 100 testing laboratories and more than 2,60,000 samples have been tested.
Vardhan said that at present there are 953 testing laboratories in all corners of the country.
He said, “With all these collective and cooperative efforts in the near future, India will achieve self-sufficiency in health services, leading to har selfless India”.
DBT Secretary Renu Swarup said through the concerted efforts of Indian scientists, the country has achieved the capacity to produce more than 5 lakh test kits per day, which is targeted to have one lakh test kits by 31 May.
It also noted that the i-Lab has been set by the Andhra Pradesh Med-Tech Zone team with the support of DBT in a record eight days.


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