He Made Me Stand: Drew Barrymore opens up about his experience on a celebrity dating app – Sex and Relationships

He Made Me Stand: Drew Barrymore opens up about his experience on a celebrity dating app – Sex and Relationships

American actor, producer and recently talk show host Drew Barrymore has made his popular talk show The Drew Barrymore Show with Hollywood celebrities, and recently comedian Nikki Glaeser took a hot seat and the two were dating. Talked about. , In which the actor said “” one of my favorite subjects.

According to the Daily Mail, the two first talked about dating apps, and Glaeser explained that “people don’t get very good at dating apps.” The 36-year-old comedian joked about men holding very few photos of themselves to “accurately represent who they are.” The ‘Charlies Angels’ star said, “I went to an app – I think you’re on this app, too – where every man was a surfer, a photographer, a dog and of course his best friends I was like: “Wow, it’s like a cookie-cutter. It’s like the same thing over and over again.”

Her experience with the app turned sour when a dating experience went haywire. Barrymore revealed, “I booked a date with a man, after all, and then he set the right time to meet me.”

“I was like: ‘You can’t be a jerk an hour ago? That would have been a time saver.” The star of ’50 First Dates’ went on, “I was more miffed that it was 3 o’clock when we were about to meet. I like, ‘Just at 2. ‘

To which Nikki replied about having a similar experience, ‘Good to hear that this happened to you too. This app, especially the one you are talking about, which I believe is the celebrity dating app, I bash it from the DJ’s jump because that’s all. ‘Glaeser then said that after spending time getting dressed and getting excited, “just so disappointing”.

“On the whole, I felt very stupid,” Barrymore confessed. While the actor never revealed which app he is using, Glaeser said that he understood the star to talk about a “celebrity dating app”. Raya is a popular dating app with celebrities and requires a much tighter application process than most apps.

Barrymore, however, confirmed, “Yes, and these are all big high-powered men and of course I didn’t go to any of them, I never have. I was like an oh comedy writer who sounds fun is. “

To which Glaeser said that they might have been frightened by Drew. And the host replied, “I think he’s just a dishonest person who has reasons that are perfectly fine for him, but all of them are going about wrongly,” he said. “Screw that, Nikki, we had to face the facts. They’re not just pretending. It can be personal, it can’t be, but just whatever. Let’s not fool ourselves in the midst of all this Create. ”

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