Heavy smoking is associated with skyrocketing health risks: study

Heavy smoking is associated with skyrocketing health risks: study

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South Africa: According to a new international study, cigarettes smoked per day are at more than 30 percent risk for heavy smokers of certain diseases.
The Australian Center for Precision Health, based at the University of South Australia, led the study, which is overwhelming Smoking With 28 different health conditions, a 17-fold increase in emphysema, an 8-fold increase in atherosclerosis (an increase in arteries) and a 6.5-fold increase in lung cancer.
The findings, published in eClinicalMedicine, analyze hospital data and mortality data of over 152,483 * smokers in the UK biobank to see how heavy smoking is.
The principal investigator, Unina Hyponen, a professor at UNISA, says that smoking each cigarette daily increases the risk of respiratory diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
The association between heavy smoking and emphysema, heart disease, pneumonia and respiratory cancer was particularly high, but researchers also found associations with several other respiratory diseases, kidney failure, septicemia, eye disorders, and complications of surgery or medical procedures. .
“Hapcon says,” Tobacco smoking is the leading cause of death worldwide, and smokers typically die 10 years earlier than smokers.
“Despite the global decline in smoking over the past 20 years, an estimated 20 percent of the population over the age of 15 worldwide are still smoking.”
Smokers in the US alone account for 40 million of the 16 million people who suffer from the disease caused by smoking. This costs their economy more than $ 300 billion per year, ”says Prof. Hipponen.
Australia’s most recent figures show that approximately 13.8 percent of the adult population (2.6 million people) are daily smokers. Despite a reduction of 195 to 10 percent, smoking is estimated to kill 19,000 Australians every year, accounting for 6 percent of the total burden of the disease and 13 USD USD billion in annual medical costs.
The study did not identify many known smoking outcomes, including stroke, which only counted cases above 200 for each health condition.
“We only focused on how the heaviness of smoking affects the risks of diseases in a group of people, all compared to previous smokers at least, so compared to smokers, health effects There are going to be even more notable. When people start smoking, other factors are also involved. Or how long they smoke can also affect health outcomes arising from smoking, “says Professor Hyponen Huh.
“In the last 20 years, the proportion of people who smoke a packet or per day has decreased in countries like the US and Australia, while there has been an increase in smokers under 10 cigarettes per day.
“While this reflects progress, our study shows that each additional cigarette increases the risks of smoking cases, especially cancer, respiratory, circulatory and many other diseases.”


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