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Helper: Google can introduce chat head feature in its Assistant app

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Google plans to add a messenger chat head like feature to its Google app. With Android 11 beta preview …Read more

Google Messenger is planning to add a chat head like feature to its Google App. With the release of Android 11 beta preview, the company has already showcased the new Bubbles feature that will maximize the multi-tasking capabilities of the operating system. Now, 9to5Google has reported that the latest beta build of the Google app has codes for chat heads.
According to the APK information provided by 9to5Google, version 11.12 of the Google app includes two new strings of code. There is a string chat head tutorial that reads head tap to talk to you Assistant, To proceed or dismiss’ and the second string is for the chat head descret area where users will drag the chat screen to remove it from the home screen, as we do with the Facebook Messenger Chat Head feature.
In addition, 9to5Google somehow managed to enable the feature from source code and is still in its early stages. Enabling and tapping a chat head feature on the home screen with the current Google Assistant logo opens the regular Google Assistant windows at the bottom of the screen. We hope that Google will add more functionality to it after deciding to implement it in the final release.
If Google finally brings the chat head feature to Google Assistant, then it will be a really handy feature as users can tap on chat assistant and bring in Google Assistant and add or pick up calendars based on recent emails . Set a reminder for something without a note for a recipe or even jumping between apps.


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