Here is how exercise after weight loss surgery can protect bone health – Health

Here is how exercise after weight loss surgery can protect bone health – Health

A recent study has reported harmful effects on bone health due to weight loss surgery. Novel research also suggests that exercise can help overcome this deficiency.

The study was published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

The study randomized 84 patients through an exercise group for weight loss surgery or a control group for 11 months. The exercise group performed high impact, balance and resistance exercises three times per week.

Twelve months after surgery, the participants in the exercise group had higher mineral density measurements in the lumbar spine and the forearm than those in the control group. In addition, participants who participated in at least half of the exercise session had higher bone mineral density in the femoral neck than in the control group.

“These findings suggested that a structured exercise program to reduce weight loss surgery-induced bone loss may be a valid treatment option, which may be particularly important as many patients develop into early adulthood or even That pediatric age undergo surgery, ”said lead author Florencio Diniz — at Sosa, MSc, University of Porto, Portugal.

“As stated in the recently released World Health Organization’s Physical Activity Guidelines, regular exercise should be a priority for all, including weight loss surgery.”

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