Here’s how you can keep a perfect date night at home during lockdown

Here’s how you can keep a perfect date night at home during lockdown

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The lockdown has brought our lives to a standstill including our love life. Currently, India is religiously following its fourth lockdown – meaning halting essential services, with most locations closed. No restaurants, malls and movie halls welcome us with open arms, it becomes a Herkelian act to plan a night with a loved one during lockdown, right? With most people working from home, many may question why couples need to plan a night when they are spending all of their time with the Coupe. Sadly, it is a big misconception that people believe that spending time together is considered quality time for couples. Much has been written and discussed that the lockdown period is a very stressful experience for people, especially those struggling to balance between their professional and personal lives. If you are wondering how to find out the quality time for a date night between household chores and office chores, here are some quick-fix solutions for your dilemma.

Have a candlelight dinner

This very cliché idea works beautifully every time, every time. After a tiring day, working non-stop to meet office deadlines and household chores, planning an extended date is next to impossible, right? So, the idea here is to convert the ordinary into something extraordinary. Before you have dinner, all you have to do is take out some candles, turn off the lights, put some fresh flowers (if you have them) on the vase and play some soft music. It hardly takes more than five minutes, but it works wonderfully to change the atmosphere and atmosphere, and do we need to say your mood too!

At a movie marathon night

In case you are too tired to move a finger, then here is another easy solution to end a busy and tiring day on a romantic note. Choose a collection of romantic films that both you and your partner love. Watch these together after dinner or whenever you want. If you want to make it more interesting, you can make the most romantic scene with your partner and enjoy the moment.

Create a romantic atmosphere with music and lights

When you are indoors for days, it can become very suffocating because you are surrounded by the same things and there is hardly any change. One of the most exciting things about going on a night date is the change of scene. If you want to recreate a romantic evening with your partner, you can start by first changing the decor slightly – putting on some fairy lights, using some scented candles and playing your favorite music Huh. You will be surprised to know how such small changes can bring a big change.


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