himas das: missed badly during lockdown, IOC was right to postpone Tokyo Olympics: Hema Das | More sports news

himas das: missed badly during lockdown, IOC was right to postpone Tokyo Olympics: Hema Das | More sports news

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NEW DELHI: Indian sprinter Hima Das believes that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) took the right decision, postponing the Tokyo Olympics next year due to the Kovid-19 transition, considering athletes’ health and safety as paramount. Recognizing that athletes usually have short careers and that there is always a fear of injury, Hema believes that professional players know how to make the best comeback and remain relevant in their bid to win international medals .

“I think the IOC was correct in its decision given the health of all athletes. Since we were out of action for almost two months, I believe it would take time (to get back into full training mode). And a lot depends on how our coaches plan the training system. Injuries are part of an athlete’s life and we can always make a comeback. We have a lot of contests to look forward to. We have the Olympics , The World Championship, the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games. It is said that continuing the hard yard, “Hema, known as the ‘Dhing Express’, said in a chat.

For Hema, the 2018 World Under-20 Championship gold medalist in the 400 meters, the process of achieving the desired result simply revolves around how much the athlete trains without thinking too much about the medal. Hema said that she believes in improving her race, in which she participates in every race and the medals come on their own.

“As an athlete, it is very important to stay focused and work hard towards your goals. Certainly, the goal is to win an Olympic medal. I always run to improve my timing, never thought about a medal before the start. My aim is always to improve my timing. Facing challenges in life always makes you stronger. Ups and downs are always a part of an athlete’s career. I believe that life is about making a comeback and working towards your goals. Currently, my focus is on training and future competitions, ”said Hema, who remains an Indian hope for Tokyo in the 400 meters.

“I am always positive, believe in hard work. My life is one, people have given me a lot of love. I will keep working hard and bring more appreciation for our nation, ”said the 20-year-old.

Hema, who won five golds in 20 days in various European competitions last year, reported that she took her time to improve her physical and mental fitness during yoga and meditation during a nationwide lockout. Hema was part of the Athletics National Camp at the NIS Center in Patiala, which was suspended on 18 March following the outbreak of the Kovid-19 infection.

“I missed the track during the lockdown. It was a long wait. But, during the lockdown period, I did yoga and meditation. I discovered many new things such as cooking, painting and singing during the lockdown, “the current national record holder in the 400 meters with a time of 50.79 which he saw at the Jakarta Asian Games.

Hema said that winning her first medal at the World Under-20 in Finland is the biggest achievement of her fast emerging athletics career. “My journey from Dhing to Finland and then to Jakarta was truly memorable. Winning the medal for the first time since the Asian Games medal at the World Under-20 Track and Event Meet was a major achievement. I would like to say that everyone should work hard in life and stay positive. ”



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