HOI App: Delhi and Hyderabad are partners of HOI app for contact-less food delivery

HOI App: Delhi and Hyderabad are partners of HOI app for contact-less food delivery

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With flight services resuming across the country, airports have intensified their efforts to ensure passenger safety. One such effort has been done by Delhi and Hyderabad airports. Both airports have made contact with HOI, a contactless food ordering app that helps passengers navigate airports and order and pick up food safely before flights.

As shared by Digital India’s official Twitter handle, the app enables passengers to check flight status and send alerts about the same. It provides information of boarding gate and baggage belt to the passengers and informs them about the weather conditions at the destination.

“#ANNOUNCEMENT | Indian airports are getting a digital makeover, as airports in Delhi and Hyderabad have approached HOI, a contact-less food ordering app that allows passengers to navigate airports, flights First helps securely order and pick up food. # Digital India read the tweet.

Hoi which means Hello in Dutch is a cognitive and intuitive travel app. It is available for free on both mobile platforms- Android and iOS. The HOI app provides information on airport facilities along with providing an estimated wait and time of the gate. As previously mentioned, the app enables pre-order meals for contactless delivery. Using the app, travelers can also pre-book parking at the airport with just one click.


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