Homemade lactation tea to increase breast milk production

Homemade lactation tea to increase breast milk production

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The only way to get the necessary nutrition for a newborn is through breast milk. This is why a new mother is advised to always take special care of her diet. Although formula milk is now readily available in the market, it is advisable to breastfeed only to the newborn for at least six months.

If a new mother cannot produce enough milk for the baby, she leaves the mother with no option to feed her baby. But there are other ways that can help the mother to increase the production of breast milk.

There are many kitchen ingredients that can help a breastfeeding mother to produce more milk for the baby. If you are also a new mother and want to increase your milk production, then here is a lactation tea that can do wonders and is completely safe.

Lactating tea

Lactating tea is made by mixing several herbs. Tea helps to increase the production of mother’s milk.

Ingredients required to make mother’s milk

– 1/4 cup fenugreek seeds

– 1/2 cup dry nettle leaves

– 1/2 cup dried red raspberry leaves

– 1/4 cup fennel seeds

– 1/2 cup lemon action

– 1/4 cup dry Santhal

how to make

Take all the above ingredients and grind them together into fine powder. Keep this mixture in an airtight container.

Now to make a cup of this tea, mix one teaspoon of this powder in one and a half cups of water. Now let this boil remain on sim flame for five minutes. Now pour tea in a cup and drink it after it cools down.

It is very important for a newborn to keep her mother’s milk for at least the first six months. Most mothers do not face much difficulty, but some do. Try this breast milk milk tea before running out for any kind of pills.


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