Hope people can carry on the legacy of Everton Week: Shamarh Brooks | Cricket news

Hope people can carry on the legacy of Everton Week: Shamarh Brooks | Cricket news

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Shamar Brooks of the West Indies (AP Photo)

Manchester: West Indies batsman Shamer brooks Hoping that his teammates will be able to take a leaf from the team Everton WeekBook and Carry on England and his legacy in the upcoming Test series against him.
Giants Week died at the age of 95 this week.
“… now that great man is gone, but he has left a legacy and hopes that the people on the team can now carry on that legacy,” Brooks was told by ESPNcricinfo.
Paying tribute to Weeks, one of the famous three ‘W.S.’ of West Indian Cricket, Brooks talked about the famous Barbadian’s influence on him as a young player.
“When I scored my first Test century in India, I talked about Sir Everton. Even in first-class cricket, whenever cricket is being played at Kensington (Oval), he is always the chairman. Occurs in the suite of.
“You were always able to go there, whether it’s during the game or after the game, and have a word with him that he may have seen, which you can do differently.”
Brooks scored his first century in his third Test against Afghanistan in Lucknow last year.
The 31-year-old West Indies batsman has been supportive of being successful against the English attack despite concerns over his batting in recent weeks.
“Obviously our bowling will be our strength, and it is for the last few years,” he said.
“If you look at our batting, we win the game when we get it right as a unit. That is why I am stressing that we need to bat well, especially at home like England. Against the team, who are going. Very challenging.
Brooke said, “Some of us got a chance to bat and spend time at the crease. It’s good that they get out there and practice. But I think we are preparing to succeed in this series. ”


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