How to use highlighter: 7 ways to get glowing skin

How to use highlighter: 7 ways to get glowing skin

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Want Ultra Glowing Skin? Highlighter, lighted makeup products can do the magic for you! It comes in powder and cream forms and can instantly transform your face. Applying the right spots can make your eyes look bigger and your face shiny! To get the most out of this glowing pigment, follow this infographic guide and learn seven ways to apply this product:

Center of forehead:
Sparkle it, because it is the high point of your face. This will help lighten your complexion immediately.

brow bone: Applying highlighter under the eyebrows will help define the area of ​​the eye.

Internal corner of the eyes: This trick can make your eyes more awake and bigger.

Uppermost bone
If you are contouring your nose, the highlighter can trick and make it look thinner. If not, you can just dub a little highlighter to fake that natural glow.

Above the cheek: This spot can help uncover your cheekbones. After applying the blush, you can sweep the highlighter in a diagonal line for additional definition.

Cupid’s bow: This main space will make your lips pop and will also highlight the color of your lips.

Chin: To get a glowing skin tone evenly, apply a little product on the chin area.


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