How WeChat ban could be a big cause for concern for Apple

How WeChat ban could be a big cause for concern for Apple

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Apple Iphone Sales in China could be a big hit if Apple is forced to remove WeChat According to the analyst from the App Store Ming-Chi Kuo. us President Donald Trump Has signed an executive order banning US companies from doing business with WeChat. This may mean Apple may have to remove WeChat from the App Store.
Reports suggest that Apple’s sales could be reduced by up to 30% if weChat access is removed from iPhones. This is because WeChat is not just the most popular messaging app in China, it is also a preferred payment platform and offers social media access, online shopping and even news. WeChat is a major online platform in China and Chinese users will be heavily inconvenienced by not having WeChat on the phone.
According to the executive order, if Apple were required to remove WeChat from the US App Store, it would not have much effect and iPhone sales could decline by up to 6% according to Kuo.
The signing of the executive order means Apple will have 45 days to remove WeChat from its App Store worldwide. As reported by 9to5 MAC, “However, many expect the administration to weaken the conditions by that time.”
Last week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called popular video app Tickcock and messaging app WeChat as “a significant threat to the personal data of American citizens, not to mention CCP (Chinese Communist Party) devices for content censorship” . ”
Meanwhile, the Indian government has already banned TikTok and WeChat in India. Recently, the government has also blocked Baidu Search And also Weibo. Baidu Search is the Chinese alternative to Google Search, while Weibo does Twitter work in China.


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