Hurricane Toque: Death toll rises to 90 in India after typhoon hits | India

The death toll from a major storm off India’s west coast has risen to at least 91, and the navy was searching for 49 others missing after a boat carrying workers sank in the storm.

Hurricane Tooka, which left a trail of destruction after being swept away by the Arabian Sea on Monday, is believed by experts to be the latest hurricane to warm its waters due to climate change.

The Indian Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday night that naval ships, surveillance planes and helicopters had rescued more than 600 people after 600 waves of oil from an eight-meter (26-foot) high-rise beach.

Navy personnel help rescue injured workers from a beach in the Arabian Sea.
Navy personnel help rescue injured workers from a beach in the Arabian Sea. Photographer: Indian Navy / AFP / Getty Images

But the bodies of 26 people were also recovered, while planes and helicopters were still searching for 49 rescue workers who were missing from one of the rescue planes that skidded and sank in the storm.

MK Jha, chief of the Navy’s Western Command, said the sea was too rough for him to ride on the rafts of life.

Jha told the NDTV news channel that the survivors were “hopeful in their eyes but of course, they are in distress … they have been badly affected by the sea conditions for hours.”

“We are lucky to be alive,” a crew member told AFP after withdrawing from a devastating naval force in Mumbai.

“The Indian Navy was a trust to us,” he said. They arrived on time. We were wrapped in badges and luckily life jackets helped us as the water was flowing over our heads.

Others said they jumped out of the vessel when they realized all eight anchors had been broken in the storm.

After a thunderstorm struck Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, a typhoon swept across the country.
After a thunderstorm struck Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, a typhoon swept across the country. Photographer: Indian Photo Agency / REX / Shutterstock

In another operation, a navy helicopter rescued 35 members of another badge crew heading north to Mumbai, an official statement said.

Both boards were working for India’s largest crude oil and natural gas company, Oil and Natural Gas.

The company said the borough was carrying offshore drilling personnel and was anchored by its anchors during the storm. Oil rigs in India’s largest ocean are located far from Mumbai.

The statement said Navy helicopters provided food and water to the support station and 300 crew members of the drilling ship who were being delivered to Mumbai by the company’s rescue ships.

On Wednesday night, the government said it was launching an investigation into why the ships were stranded during the storm.

The devastation comes as India is gripped by a devastating wave of corona virus epidemics that claim thousands of lives every day.

Before the storm landed in Gujarat, it was moving at a speed of 185 km (115 miles) an hour here, with heavy rains and strong winds killing about 20 people in western and southern India ۔

Gujarat officials had on Wednesday said the death toll in the state had risen to 45 after the storm, with houses or walls collapsing, killing several people and more were expected.

“I have never experienced such intensity in my life,” said a hotel owner in Bhagnagar, where winds at the seashore shattered windows and sent down trees and power lines.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi flew the worst-hit areas to the worst-hit areas and later met state officials in Ahmedabad, a key city in western Gujarat.

“The government is working with all the states affected by the storm,” he tweeted.

The Hindu newspaper reported that more than 16,000 houses were damaged in Gujarat, while thousands of trees and electricity poles were uprooted by the wind.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Wednesday that the typhoon hit south of Rajasthan and central Gujarat on Wednesday.

In neighboring Nepal, authorities told climbers to come down from the heights as the storm could cause severe weather.

Hundreds of climbers, guides and crew are trying to climb mountains in Nepal this month, when it is usually the most favorable in the heights. Nepal has eight of the 14 highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest.

In 2014, a blizzard and avalanche in India caused the worst trekking in the Himalayan nation, killing 43 people in the mountains of Nepal.

Agence France-Presse and the Associated Press contributed to this report.


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