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I don’t think I’m a complete writer yet: Varun Badola

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Mumbai: Varun Badola established himself as one of the best performers on Indian television with the introduction of the cable network in the country, but many people are still unaware of his nature for writing, a talent that He discovered land early in his career.

Badola began his journey as an assistant director to filmmaker Tigmanshu Dhulia from the 1997 television series “Naya Daur” and wrote three episodes for the show.

He then starred in popular TV shows – “Koshish – Ek Asa”, “Des Mein Nikla Hog Chand” and “Astitva .. Ek Prem Kahani”, where he also worked as a writer.

“(In school), I always tried 48 marks paper in Hindi language. I will not try to do it completely because I hate writing. But God always has a way to punish you,” 46 The year-old Badola told PTI.

The influx of the digital space gave her a chance to reignite her casual romance with writing as she wrote dialogues for ALT Balaji’s “Apaharan” and the Sony Live series “Undekhi”.

“In terms of storytelling, writing is not easy, especially when you don’t use it. It’s a good creative process, but it’s time consuming. You have to be fully involved in it. It weighs on you. He said, I don’t think I’m a full writer yet, I do it for fun.

To excel in his career, Badola believes, it is necessary for actors to fall in love with the craft of storytellers.

“I don’t believe an actor should stick to his job and ignore the problems in other departments. You need to fall in love with the profession you’re doing. I try to do everything and anything I do. I operate the camera and take care. As well as the sound, “he said.

Badola said that writing is not easy as one should be well versed with the language as well as the culture of the region where the story is set.

“You have to read a lot so that you get new ideas and vocabulary, especially when you talk about the Hindi heartland. It is a rich language and not many people realize that. People in Mumbai read Hindi Trouble ensues. I don’t know. Why? ”

The actor said he admires the way celebrated by Hollywood filmmaker Quentin Tarantino for moving his stories through dialogues and is a quality he tries to incorporate into his writing.

“When you start writing, even as a dialogue writer, you need to design a scene. You are sure to try a story in the scene and tell yourself in the story. The rhyme begins to rhyme in ways. This is something Quentin Tarantino does a lot. In one scene, a character will start telling a story, so you start designing scenes in a very engaging way. ”

Badola credited director Siddharth Sen Gupta for getting him back into writing.

The actor said, the director, with whom he worked in the TV show “Ek Chabbi Hai Pados”, first offered him “Aparnah” and he subsequently “did it”.

“I share a certain comfort level with Siddharth. He wanted me to communicate for ‘Apaharan’ and I hadn’t picked up my pen in 10 years. I felt that I should give it a shot and then ‘Andekhi’ “It was written and being written by someone else before it was taken up,” he said.

“Anidekhi”, featuring actors Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Surya Sharma, Harsh Chhaya and Ankur Rathe, was based on the streaming platform earlier this month.


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