I met the person I am happy with

I met the person I am happy with

Life is full of mysteries. No one pauses for a second. If a person comes into your life, then in the end you will not be able to see much more in your difficult time. Life goes on and on, fast and fast.

When you meet a person, you only pay attention to their behavior, gestures, clothes or their physical appearance; no one pays attention to their feelings, heart and care that they repeatedly Shows. No one sees the intensity of her tears, pain and love for others. Why doesn’t anyone notice these feelings ??

From my own observation, I have met many people in my life like my parents, my school friends, my university friends, my peers and many others. I felt that everyone has their own desires, they have selfishness and ambitions but no one sees the problems and sorrows of others, if they see them they try to increase these difficulties in his life. People only trust the happiness of others. If a person is happy then why is he so happy ??? If that person is sad then people are arguing, he always expresses sadness he / she is ungrateful to God.

I’m disappointed in the sight of people but suddenly. My life took a new turn and I met a man then I am glad I met this boy; that boy looked like an angel to me. I ran away from people, from their thoughts, from their rude or immoral talk but this man made me realize that everyone is different, they are not the same. There are good people in the world who have good ideas. Their sweetness immediately melts my heart and I slowly start to trust people. The person who came into my life was full of surprises. I thanked God from the bottom of my heart for sending a beautiful person into my life.

Man, God’s creation, but they are very strange. One person who came into my life became a victim of evil. It hurts a lot. Then he asked God why me? Why did you do this to me? Then I realized that God tested those who are capable of it. Then I took care of myself and I realized that the person I met was glad that I was no one else. If he meets himself or he meets himself, it means that he seeks everything that makes him feel. so happy


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