I must have encouraged Virat Kohli to pull or bite me: Shoaib Akhtar | Cricket news

I must have encouraged Virat Kohli to pull or bite me: Shoaib Akhtar | Cricket news

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New Delhi: Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar believes that if he were playing today, India captain Virat Kohli and he would have been friends and enemies at the same time.

Speaking on the latest episode of the ESPNcricinfo videocast, Akhtar said, “We are both big-hearted Punjabis. We will be best friends and enemies off-field.”

“If you fight with Virat, he is more focused. So to knock him out, I’ll try to get him to lose focus. I’ll try to get in his head. At his peak speed, I Must have provoked him to pull. Or play a cut because he doesn’t have these two shots.

He said, “I know he loves to drive, so at his peak speed, I would take him to drive and keep talking to him in the middle. Something similar (James) Anderson did in England Done with. ”

Commenting on the batsmen, he would not be out, ‘Rawalpindi Express’ said: “To be honest, this is Inzamam-ul-Haq. See that my action is very complicated unlike Brett Lee, but I can see him out even once. Couldn’t. In 10 years in the nets. I think he can read the ball faster than others. ”

He also praised some other batsmen like Martin Crowe and Rahul Dravid. “I think Martin Crowe would have played me well too. He was a magician and was very handsome. Among the Indian players, Rahul Dravid is the most decorated batsman. If he won’t give me a shot, I won’t be able to get in.” ” Defence. I also think Jacques Kallis is one of the best all-rounders, and slip fielders cricket has ever produced. ”

Former India opener Virender Sehwag was one of the few batsmen who could easily play the role of Akhtar. Explaining, Akhtar said: “I initially bowled him a small ball when I should have thrown the ball which was going away from him. After that I felt that he could not score much runs against me. I saw him on several occasions including IPL. Out. In Lahore. ”

The former Pakistani fast bowler also expressed displeasure over the state of fast bowling in modern-day T20 cricket.

Akhtar said, “The popularity of the game has declined and the ICC is to blame.” “I have been sounding for the last 10 years to open a bouncer for fast bowlers. Unless there is a rivalry like Sachin (Tendulkar) vs Shoaib, you will not back down.”

He is also not very happy with the current pace of fast bowling in Pakistan. “Today what you need in the team are the characters, the players who can hunt you, who can run like a lion and think like a leopard. You have to bring people like me to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). ”

“I will find such people, train them in all aspects such as how to eat, how to talk, how to bowl, ways and build them as a brand. But average management will bring average people into the system And the sad thing is that this is happening. Today in Pakistan. ”


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