ICC has successfully ended cricket in the last 10 years: Shoaib Akhtar | Cricket news

ICC has successfully ended cricket in the last 10 years: Shoaib Akhtar | Cricket news

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New Delhi: The ICC has “successfully finished” cricket in the last 10 years and brought it to its knees, with former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar sharply criticizing the game’s global body.

During a conversation with Sanjay Manjrekar for ESPNcricinfo’s podcast, Akhtar expressed his anguish on certain conditions of playing in white ball cricket, which has made it a game only for batsmen.

Akhtar was sharp in his criticism when Manjrekar said that the fast bowlers are slowing down a bit in limited overs games, especially in the T20s, while the spinners are bowling fast.

“Can I tell you something blunt? They (ICC) are ending cricket. I am openly saying that in the last 10 years, the ICC has ended cricket successfully, and I would say that well ). You did what you wanted to do), “Akhtar said in his impatient manner.

Akhtar feels that the number of bouncers per over should be increased as there are two new balls and only four fielders outside the circle for the better part of an ODI game.

“I am repeatedly saying change the bouncer rule (one per over). You have two new balls and four fielders. Please ask the ICC whether in the last 10 years, the quality of cricket has gone up or gone down. Is. Where. ” That Sachin vs Shoaib Contestant? ”

Speaking about Tendulkar, Akhtar said that he is a man with whom he has never been aggressive, because there was a lot of respect for the world’s best batsman.

He said, “Yes, I will try to beat him. Like the 2006 tour of Pakistan, I knew that he had a problem with tennis elbow and he could not hook me or pull me, so I tried to keep him calm. Bowled a ball of bouncers, “said Akhtar.

Talking about the pull shot, the pace trader said that at his peak Virat Kohli might have found it difficult to play that shot against him due to his speed.

“I would have come out of the crease and tried to shape that new ball and given him the temptation to drive. Something that James Anderson did to him. He said he would score as many runs as he did, which now I have also played. ” . ”

Akhtar thought it would be good to see if Kohli is pitted against Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and Shane Warne in the prime.

“He could guess himself where he stood in front of these bowlers,” he said.

Manjrekar asked him if there is still a culture of production of Terawe Quick in Pakistan or he is happy to produce fast medium bowlers.

“People like me should have been in the PCB and I would have produced fast bowlers. Fast bowlers should be like leopards who would be the victims of it.

“I must have produced 12 fast bowlers and prepared them on every aspect, technique, manner, study, diet, what to do with the body.

“I must have created a complete brand. You cannot make fast bowlers from people who are slaves (subject) to nature.”


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