IIIT-H develops app to help farmers in crop disease diagnosis

IIIT-H develops app to help farmers in crop disease diagnosis

Hyderabad: Researchers at IIIT H (International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad) have created a crop, crop darpan, to help farmers with issues of crop development, pests, bacteria, fungal diseases, and nutritional deficiencies.

The main objective of the app, which was developed under an Indo-Japan Joint Research Laboratory project, is to mimic the presence of an agricultural expert who is not only well-versed with the visual signs of crop diseases, but also the farmers as appropriate Can also provide guidance. Measures to deal with the same.

The current prototype is made for the cotton crop in two languages, namely English and Telugu. However, it was designed in such a way that it is scalable for all crops and can be extended to all Indian languages ​​as well. In fact, we have already started seeding the system in Hindi, ”said Srinivas Annapally, who was part of the team developing this application.

To connect with this portable ‘expert’ on the portal www.cropdarpan.in, farmers only need a mobile phone with a valid internet connection. The Crop Darpan App is available on the Play Store.

“The system comes with a hierarchy of questions related to the visual traits displayed by crops. These range from high-level generalized questions to more specific ones. When the farmer confirms the presence of the symptom, he is directed to the next level of question and eventually narrows down on the precise diagnosis of crop disease. Annapalli said that measures have also been advised on reducing the problem.


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