IIT-Guwahati Placement: 8% drop in campus jobs at IIT-Guwahati this year

IIT-Guwahati Placement: 8% drop in campus jobs at IIT-Guwahati this year

Guwahati: Kovid-19 has made an impact on campus placements at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT-G), where placements have dropped by 8% overall in the 2020-21 season.

The total number of students placed in 2020-21 is 9 out of 1,200 registered students, which is 54.14%. The corresponding figure for 2019-2020 was 692 out of 1,060 or 65.28%. However, this year more students from the MA program received placements than the previous year.

Silver linings are that B.Tech and B. D. The average salary of the students of MPS has increased from the previous year to 21.41 lakhs per annum, which is an increase of about 79,000 rupees. In M.Tech and M.Des compared to the 2019-20 placement season, the salary hike has been even more encouraging, with an increase of around 1.70 lakh.


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The head of the IIT-G Center for Career Development, Drs. Abhishek Kumar said that given the unpredictable epidemic situation around the world, the placement figures should not be considered ‘declines’ but ‘achievement’ for students. “They can overcome the challenge posed by the epidemic and secure their future,” Kumar said.

Due to the epidemic, he said, there are a variety of job profiles in demand. But many sectors are offering ‘work from home’ based assignments. “The increasing popularity of online tools may be the collective reason for the increase in salary packages,” Kumar said.

Figures furnished by the premier Institute of Technology stated that in B.Tech and B.Des, 76.02% (444 out of 584) of the registered students are placed in 2020-21. In M.Tech and M.Des, 43.32% of placements can be obtained, which are for jobs for 211 out of 487 employees registered.

In the placement year of 2019-20, the placement records of B.Tech/B.Des and M.Tech/M.Des were 87.52% and 51.84 respectively.

The biggest recruiters this year are Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, Oracle, American Express, DE Shaw, Enphase, Nutanix, Walmart, Adobe, Goldman Sachs and IBM. “We saw an increase in recruitment from several major startups such as Ally.io, Gainsight, Harness, Thought sport, Chalo, Razorpay, Qure.ai and Groww,” Kumar said. The placement drive in IIT-G was conducted in virtual mode due to the ongoing epidemic. A total of 140 companies from different sectors participated in the recruitment process.

“Students are placed in various profiles such as IT / Software, Finance, Analyst, Core Engineering as well as Design. In addition, two PSUs have hired students this year. Maximum offers were made from the IT / Software sector and the highest package offered is Rs 70 lakh per year, ”Bithia Grace Jaganathan, Faculty Coordinator, Placement at IIT-G.

The students of computer science and engineering branch received the most offers, followed by electronics and communications engineering, mathematics and computing, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

In addition, 260 students received internship offers. The maximum stipend for an internship is Rs 2 lakh per year. “With the support of everyone from administration to student volunteers, we can reduce the negative impact of the epidemic on the placement season this year,” Jagannathan said.


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