IIT Ropar Times ranked 47th in Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2020

IIT Ropar Times ranked 47th in Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2020

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ROPAR: IIT Ropar debuted in the Times Higher Education (THE) ASIA University Rankings 2020 this year, ranked 47 and entered the top 50 list for the first time. Despite being a young institution, IIT Ropar has punched well above its weight from the more popular predecessors.

This year, in February, the institute made a prestigious debut in The Emerging Economy University Rankings 2020, ranking 63rd, sharing the rank with IIT Madras and entering the top 100 list for the first time.

After embarking on a 500-acre meadow on the banks of the Sutlej River in the city of Rupnagar (Ropar), Punjab, in 2008, IIT Ropar made impressive and rapid progress towards creating a remarkable and unique campus in this challenging yet environs. Has

Director of IIT Ropar Prof. Sarit K Das said, “Epidemic crisis, to convey its good news that IIT Ropar has ranked among the top 50 institutions in the Times Higher Education Asian University Rankings 2020. The echo of the growing influence of IIT Ropar with 47th rank is heard. His vision of contribution to knowledge, contribution to society and contribution to the nation. The institute has grown significantly in its teaching-learning environment, and at the top, the improvement in its citation effect is a testament to the rapidly evolving research reputation. Even at this time of COVID-19, IIT Ropar is progressively providing solutions to combat this epidemic, which is a proof of his commitment to the nation. I am confident that our bold initiatives in core areas in education, research and entrepreneurship will also bring successful results in the future and help us to emerge as a leading global educational institution. ”

With state-of-the-art infrastructure on a built-up area of ​​2.5 million sqft, which has 2100 students, 180 faculty and 114 staff members, superb entrances, state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, spaces. For other unique and co-curricular activities and unique design of hostels with large common spaces, the institute has come alive.

Institute Director pointed out that several national relevant research projects including defense, water and environment, energy sectors; Healthcare, infrastructure etc. are going on in the campus. A large number of projects have been initiated by IIT Ropar which contribute to national development goals and priorities.

He said that some representative activities in these areas including doffing units (stations) for healthcare workers and negative pressure rooms to prevent the transmission of COFID-19; A sanitizing device based on UV-C disinfectant radiation technology to sterilize groceries, vegetables, packages and personal items; 3-way PPE sterilization unit; Robotics to deliver medicine / food in the ward of Covid19 patients to minimize medical staff intervention; Container box to protect frontline healthcare workers; Kovid-19 Intelligent Infrared Vision System for Identifying Suspects; Stubble management solution – conversion of stoke to acoustic board, stubble removal machine; Device for monitoring vehicle pollution in real time; Coating resistant to erosion and corrosion; Group level emotion detection; Drunk state detection; Detection of type 2 diabetes with fingernails; Developed lotus-inspired biodegradable water repellent material; Thermal imaging techniques for cancer detection and vaccination against drug addiction.


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