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In 24 hours, a national record of 103,558 new code cases were reported in India

Statistics from the Ministry of Health show that 103,535 new cases of covid were recorded in India on Monday, of which the national number is 12.59 million.

There have been 478 new deaths in the country and the number has risen to 165,101.

India has the third highest number in the world after the United States at 30 million, and Brazil has just under 13 million.

Single-day infections have been on the rise since early February, when they peaked at about 100,000 in September, down from 9,000.

India’s richest state, Maharashtra, located in the financial capital Mumbai, will impose a lockdown and night curfew on its 110 million people over the weekend in response to the escalation.

A one-night curfew will be imposed from Monday night until the end of April, gatherings of more than four people will be banned, and beaches such as private offices, restaurants, cinemas, swimming pools, bars, places of worship and public places will be closed. Are

Only essential services will be allowed on the weekends.

The state government said, “In imposing these restrictions, on the one hand, care has been taken not to affect the economic cycle of the state and harass workers and laborers, and on the other hand, it has been urged to close crowded places.”

Public transport services will be allowed to operate, but with a capacity of 50%. In addition to industrial and manufacturing activities, the shooting of films in Mumbai, the home of Bollywood, will be allowed to continue if health measures are observed.

In neighboring Bangladesh, officials say a seven-day lockdown will be imposed from Monday, including all domestic travel services, including flights suspended, and goods and shops closed.

Banks will be allowed to open for two and a half hours on Saturdays, while public and private sector businesses were told to keep only one skeletal staff in their offices.

“Corona infections are spreading rapidly. Infections and deaths are on the rise. “Given the current situation, the Sheikh Hasina government has decided to impose a nationwide lockdown for seven days starting from Monday.”

Bangladeshi health officials on Sunday reported 7,087 new cases – the highest one-day figures since the onset of the epidemic – with less than 640,000 infections. The country of 168 million people has been gripped by a sharp rise in cases in recent weeks.


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