In an exclusive chat, Soha Ali Khan talks about parenting quirks and non-negotiable dietary rules.

In an exclusive chat, Soha Ali Khan talks about parenting quirks and non-negotiable dietary rules.

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Motherhood is a hustle and something that we are all constantly trying to do. Mom-to-a-toddler, actor Soha Ali Khan has been very vocal about her parents’ attitude. Slam the paparazzi for shining a camera light on Betty Inaya, share the clashes of motherhood with your mum, friends and on social media. She is a hands-on mom who loves being around her daughter as much as she can. Speaking exclusively for the eTimes lifestyle, the actor shared his upbringing quirks, diet rules and more.

Talking about the parenting symptoms that she has taken from her parents, Soha chuckled and shared, “It’s impatience. I have the same patience as my mother! “He continued,” Besides, my mom was interested in things and how I have increased my reading habit, I’m glad I managed to pass Inaya too. If you talk about my parenting style, I am competitive in my approach along with being a little control freak, however, both of these traits are entirely my own. ”

The three parenting rules that actors try to follow with their daughter are strict adherence to bedtime, limited screen time, and a healthy diet. “Inaya has to go to bed at 8 pm and has to eat fruits, vegetables and soaked almonds. Saying that no matter how much you try, things often go beyond control and you compromise these rules. “That too when you have a relentless grip on your mother’s guilt.

Soha feels that when the guilt of the mother pervades the mothers, it is indeed wrong to feel so. “We mothers have to understand that raising a child is not a person’s job.” I hope that varies from generation to generation. Women really need to work on not feeling guilty. Perhaps we can learn something from men who never feel guilty. ”


Too much energy is required to manage a career and a baby and Soha vows to eat a nutritious diet including carcass, protein and essential fats. “All my years of growing up my mother made sure we had soaked almonds. It was deeply ingrained in us and I try to make it a healthy habit for Inaya. I consider myself lucky That I like the taste of almonds and don’t need any coaxing to eat them. In fact every evening when my energy starts to wane because I’m an early riser, I have a handful of almonds. That’s it Time is also when I exercise and it gives me the energy I need. There are times when you are handling too much and you skip meals, also the right time to eat healthy fats like almonds. I like to have them roasted with some salt sprinkled on them and they make me feel satiated immediately. They boost immunity and make my skin glowy so it’s a win-win situation. . ”

Not one to miss workouts, Soha shares, “I have the ability to hand things over and take time to take care of myself by doing workouts and I value that.” Now the trick is to do it as early as possible in the morning. It is important to have regular workout time, so everyone else in the house also knows that this is when you go away, especially when you have a young child. She also knows that this is when Mama leaves and does something whether it is work or shooting or whatever, she knows that now it is my exercise time, and she has adjusted to that. . ”

Like most mothers, Soha is enjoying the time she is spending with Inaya due to the current epidemic and making sure they eat healthy and stay healthy!


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