In the shift, Donald Trump says some schools may need to delay opening

In the shift, Donald Trump says some schools may need to delay opening

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Washington: Softening his earlier stance, US President Donald Trump has admitted that some schools may need to rebut this fall as coronoviruses continue to boom.
This marks a change from Trump’s previous demand to reopen the nation’s schools. In recent weeks, Trump has said that it is safe to open the school and Democrats have opposed it for political reasons.
But speaking at a White House news conference on Thursday, Trump said districts in some virus hot spots “may need to delay reopening for a few weeks”. He said that the decision will fall on the governors.
Even when he restrained his position, Trump insisted that every school should be “actively preparing to open”.
Students need to live in school buildings to prevent learning failures, he said, and to access meal programs and mental health services.
As long as they have the necessary measures, he said “many school districts can now reopen safely”. Trump has made opening schools an important priority as they restart the economy. He said that students need to return to class so that their parents can return to work.
His push several times led him into a dispute with his own health officials. Earlier this month, he said school guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were too difficult, prompting the agency to promise updated guidance.
The CDC on Thursday added new information to its website to open schools, but it did not appear to remove its earlier suggestions. Much of the new material emphasized the importance of reopening schools, echoing many of Trump’s arguments.
The updated guidance asked school leaders to work with local authorities, keeping in mind the virus rate of transmission in the region. It set a range of measures based on the level of prevalence. If there is minimal or moderate prevalence, it recommends social disturbances, masks and increased hygiene.
But in areas with basic and uncontrolled proliferation, it says, school closures are an “important consideration”. “The CDC said,” Virtual learning plans should be in the event of school closure.
Some of the largest districts in the country have already rejected the idea of ​​a full reopening. The Los Angeles and San Diego districts plan to put it online this fall, while New York City schools plan to offer a mix of online and in-person instruction.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has said that students should be in class every day if their families want to and any option fails students and taxpayers.
In many states, education leaders have stated that they want to go back to school but lack the funds to implement security measures. A group of state education heads has said that American schools will need more than $ 200 billion to prepare for the fall.
Trump said on Thursday that he is asking Congress to provide an education fund of $ 105 million as part of the next virus relief bill. He said this is to help schools reduce class sizes, appoint teachers, rearrange spaces and provide masks.
But if no local district opens, Trump said, the money should be passed on to parents so they can pursue other education options.
“If schools do not reopen, funding should go to parents to send their children to public, private, charter, religious or home school,” he said. “All families should have the right to decide that their circumstances are right.”
Reacting to his proposal, the president of one of the nation’s largest education unions said that Trump was “sowing the seeds of chaos and confusion, so he could fulfill his and Betsy DeVos’ dreams of privatization and public education vouchers. Can “. “They have not offered any plans and no funds and ignored health experts,” said Randy Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. “The teacher won’t let him get away with it.”


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