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India, 70,000 ‘Aladdin’s Lamp’ More than two people arrested World News

Authorities say two people who allegedly forged a doctor to buy an “Aladdin’s lamp” for more than A70,000 – even developed a fake genie Told.

Layek Khan contacted the police in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh when he found out that Chirag had no magical powers, as in the famous folk tale about Aladdin and his aspiring genie when he was rubbed. Goes

Amit Roy, a senior official, told AFP: “The fraudsters had made a lot of deals but the doctor had paid about Rs 7.7 million (72,000,000). Rose was arrested and taken into custody before being charged.

“The wife of one of the men was also involved in the scam. She is running, “said Roy.

In his complaint filed last Sunday, Khan said one of the men pretended to be a magician and “JinnAccording to local media, “, or the supernatural figure, appears from the lamp. But when Khan asked if he could touch the genie or take the lamp home, he refused, saying it was to his detriment. May be.

Eventually they sold the lamp to him, promising that it would bring health, wealth and good fortune. Khan said he later realized that “Janan” was in fact one of the men in disguise.

He said the same individuals had deceived other families using the same method. The total amount involved is several million rupees.


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