India dips into day-to-day active Kovid-19 cases, counts below 7 lakhs for 2 days – India News

India dips into day-to-day active Kovid-19 cases, counts below 7 lakhs for 2 days – India News

The active casiolad of coronovirus disease (Kovid-19) in India remained below 700,000 for the second consecutive day, with 80% of the total of 10 cases coming from new states.

Active cases now comprise only 8.71% of the total positive cases in the country, suggesting that the disease has registered a marked decline.

There has been a progressive decline in day-to-day active cases during the last few weeks, with the country’s active Kovid-19 Casselad at 6,80,630 as of noon on Saturday.

“The declining trend of active cases is complemented by the unceasing growing number of recovered cases. The total recovered cases have crossed the 70 lakh mark and is 70,16,046. The Union Health Ministry said in a statement, the national recovery rate has improved and it has been 89.78%.

Professor M. Vidyasagar of the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, who recently led the 10-member government committee to estimate Kovid-19 cases and deaths in India, says in its report that the cumulative number of active cases is 40,000 The cases may be reduced by the end of February next year.

“Out of the nearly 10 lakh active cases that were reported in mid-September, the current active case load has gone up to around 7 lakh, a 30% drop in about a month. Therefore, the number is decreasing. ”

“However there is a caveat that all Kovid-19 proper precautions such as wearing masks, maintaining hand hygiene and physical disturbances should be observed without fail. Matters can resurface in any form of laxity, ”Professor Vidyasagar said.

The total number of Kovid-19 cases in India is 78,13,542.

“The continuous decline in active cases is the result of the successful trial, treatment and track strategy of the central government which is being implemented in the states. A statement from the Ministry of Health said on Saturday that states and union territories have diversified into active cases, indicating various stages in their fight against the global epidemic.

The number of new deaths in a single day has also seen a steep decline, out of nearly 1,000 new deaths a day earlier, a month before 605 were reported on Saturday. With this, the total number of Kovid-19 suicides in India so far is 1,17,946.

“The current numbers suggest that the decline in the disease graph can be seen but as we have seen the disease has seen many peaks. Many countries are seeing a second wave of disease, and because of the festive season With the drop in temperature and the possibility of high interference from people, it can be seen how the virus behaves, ”Dr. Vivekananda Jha, Executive Director, Global Health India for George Institute.

“It’s a new virus and involves a fair amount of uncertainty,” he said.


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