India has 18.6% of global coronovirus cases, 21% of all recoveries – India News

India has 18.6% of global coronovirus cases, 21% of all recoveries – India News

With the second highest caseload of coronovirus disease (Kovid-19) globally, India continues to have the highest number of infections.

India accounts for 21% of all recoveries reported worldwide, with even countries accounting for 18.6% of global cases.

According to data shared by the Union Ministry of Health, the United States has the highest number of reported cases globally at 21.7%, but 18.4% of the total global recovery.

The reported high recovery in India is reducing to a large extent due to deaths due to infection. India’s case fatality ratio – the fraction of people who die from infection among those who test positive – is one of the lowest in the world and currently 1.56% below the global average of 2.97%. And, much lower than in countries like Mexico where the current CFR is around 10.9% and in the United Kingdom where it is 9.17%. Other countries where the CFR is below the global average are Russia with a CFR of 1.76%, South Africa with 2.49%, and the United States with 2.87%, data from the ministry show.

“India has consistently reported one of the lowest CFRs worldwide. Studies are underway to find out why, but scientists think this may be due to a smaller population, our previous exposure to other coronovirus infections, as the virus mutates to produce more infections, but less. Deaths, people suffering from BCG have been vaccinated (anti-tuberculosis vaccine). The current decline in deaths may also occur because treatment modalities have now been standardized, ”said Dr. Lung, Professor of Lung Medicine at Safdarjung Hospital. Neeraj Gupta said.

More recoveries and fewer new cases have occurred across the country, resulting in a drop in the number of active cases or a decrease in the number of people with current infections. The government needs to focus on active cases as they are the ones that need to be in isolation and may require medical intervention. The number of active cases has decreased for 12 consecutive days.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of new cases has come down to 79,000, with around 100,000 cases arriving from the country each day, it was reported on Friday. More than 78% of these new cases are coming from 10 states – Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Delhi, Chhattisgarh.

Of the total deaths recorded on Friday, 84% are also from ten states – Kerala and Odisha, which have recorded high numbers, are not among the ten states with high mortality rates, while Madhya Pradesh and Haryana which have the highest ten Are not with The number of cases is one in ten who have reported high fatalities due to infection.

Maharashtra continues to report the highest number of cases and deaths, with 25% of all new cases and 39.6% of deaths, data show.


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