Indian-American community opposes ‘Boycott China’ at Times Square in New York

Indian-American community opposes ‘Boycott China’ at Times Square in New York

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New York: A large number of Indian-Americans protested against China at the iconic Times Square here, chanting ata Bharat Mata ki Jai ‘and other patriotic slogans, demanding economic boycott and diplomatic isolation of the country for their aggression against India done.
Indians living in New York and New Jersey shouted slogans of ‘Boycott Made in China’, ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Stop Aggression’ along with officials of the migrant organization – Federation of Indian Association (FIA). other.
The protesters were wearing face masks in the wake of the coronovirus pandemic, stating ‘We salute our fallen heroes’.
Members of the Tibetan and Taiwanese communities also joined the protests and raised slogans against China and called for economic boycott of the communist region.
He also kept placards that included ‘India with Tibet’, ‘Stop Chinese Abuse’, ‘Justice for Human Rights, Minority Religion, Hong Kong’, ‘Tibet out of China’, ‘China stopped crime against humanity’ And written ‘Chinese Child’s Child’. the product. ‘
The protest, titled ‘Boycott China’, was organized on Friday by community leaders Prem Bhandari and Jagdish Sihani.
“Today’s India is different from 1962 India. We will not tolerate China’s aggression and its international bullying. “We will give a befitting reply to China’s arrogance,” said Bhandari, chairman of Jaipur Foot USA and a prominent social activist.
Bhandari said that he and the Indian community were deeply troubled by the killing of 20 Indian soldiers during a violent clash with Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh last month.
“We are sending a strong message to China. The Indian community around the world stands with their motherland, ”he said. China shares its borders with 14 countries and is fighting with 18 countries. It shows that it is a bully. Now the time has come to stop this hooliganism and people believe that India can do it.
India believes in the philosophy of ‘the world is one family’ and will also work for international peace and solidarity, focusing on its self-reliance, he said.
Bhandari said he plans to bring together diplomats from various countries – from Australia to India – against China on a common integration platform.
The president of the American India Public Affairs Committee, Jagdish Sevani, said in the protest that at a time when the whole world is reeling from deadly coronaviruses, China’s “naked aggression” against its neighbors, including India, has led to the real intentions of this evil communist. Has been exposed. Governance.”
“I say it’s wicked because of the way China is treating its people in Hong Kong” and doing ethnic cleansing against Muslims / Uygars in Xinjiang, he said.
Peaceable people of the world want China to know that there is enough. It needs to stop its aggressive behavior against its neighbors including India immediately.
India has always called for a peaceful global order, but “this vision of peace should not be considered our weakness,” he said.
Sihani underlined that the 2020 India is strong militarily and economically and is “a strong leader in Prime Minister Narendra Modi”. Under him, India will shatter the nefarious designs of Chinese President Xi Jinping. ”
He said the international community could hit China on three fronts – trade, Tibet and Taiwan. The world should boycott Chinese products, support Tibet’s independence and support Taiwan.
“Three TSs can be successfully controlled by a global coalition led by three world leaders Prime Minister Modi, US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,” he said.
He said that today, the entire population of China is under constant surveillance and now she wants to turn the whole world into a monitoring state. Its recent behavior and action only prove it, Sehani said.
He called for China’s diplomatic isolation and urged the international community to immediately begin boycotting Chinese products.
Sehani said that China should be prepared to pay a “steep price” for its aggression.
“It is time for the democratic and peace loving people of the world to respond to China. The time has come for the whole world to unite against this bullying, ”he said.
FIA President Ankur Vaidya urged the international community to express a collective and noticeable resentment regarding China’s unauthorized and unacceptable expansion in violation of UN treaties and disregard the sovereignty of free countries.
The Tibetan community said in the protests that it strongly condemned China’s actions against India and its forces and that Chinese law should be held responsible for the dismantling of international law.
Members of the community who participated in the protests were FIA ​​President Anil Bansal, former FIA President Alok Kumar, Rajendra Bafna and Pritam Shah.
Bhandari said that he is in solidarity throwing away everything made in Chinese furniture from his home and urging others to leave Chinese products from their homes to show that they are talking.
The fact that so many people gathered in Times Square to protest, despite the COVID-19 epidemic, demonstrates India’s support and strong demonstration against Chinese aggression.


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