Indian children’s poverty charities in England offer free school meals School food

A charity that feeds millions of poor children in India has joined a holiday hunger campaign in England and distributed its first food from a new kitchen in Watford.

Using a model designed to feed the hungry in cities like Mumbai and Ahmedabad on Tuesday, the hot vegetarian dish was sent to a school in north London on Tuesday, with the government offering free school funding. They were sent to reverse the decision not to provide assistance. Food for this half period.

A cabbage of hot cabbage cheese and mixed vegetable pasta cooked by chefs working for the Akshiya Patra charity, which prepares 1.8 meters of food for schools in India daily, is the head of Mora Primary School in Cracklewood. Submitted by Teacher Kate Boss. Kitchens designed to cook 9,000 meals a day.

Food is being prepared in Akshiya Patra's kitchen in Watford
Food is being prepared in Akshiya Patra’s kitchen in Watford. Photo: David Lyon / The Guardian

“Disappointing steps for frustrating times,” he said, as he loaded his car with food cartons. “Even the families they used to take care of are no longer managing.”

The charity plans to set up similar kitchens in Leicester and East London and expects to continue to provide free meals to schools over the Christmas holidays.

“It may seem strange to some people that this model is imported from India,” said Bhooni Singh Sheikhwat, chief executive of Akshiya Patra. “But we are bringing a test model from a country that has dealt with this problem quickly and on a large scale.”

The charity also aims to sell food to schools for less than حصہ 2 a share. Half is paid by the state and half by its donors.

Atiqa al-Mir and her children
‘Everything is hard now’: Atika El Mir says money is tight because her husband works less in epidemics Photo: David Lyon / The Guardian

Recipients of Mora Primary included Atika Al Mir, a mother of two, who said the money was tight because her husband worked less because of Coved. “Everything is a difficult time now,” he said. “It’s a good idea. This is very kind.

“It’s hard to feed the kids right now,” said Dennis Perez, a designer technician, adding that carrying hot food on a scooter with his three young children. “I work full time, but after rent and bills; the council can’t give me anything because I work more than 16 hours. That’s why I got this opportunity.

Campaigners say the expansion of the UK’s operation to eradicate child malnutrition in India is a sign of how serious the problem has become.

Andrew Forsy, the national director of Feeding UK, who has been lobbying the government for a permanent increase in global debt payments, said: “One can hardly believe that children are being saved from starvation. This is another example of the new methods that need to be introduced to the community. ” Establish a global holiday activities and food program.

Leila Race
Leila Race: “I don’t want my friends to be hungry for more than half the time.” Photo: David Lyon / The Guardian

Leila Race, an eight-year-old student, came with her mother to serve as the school’s governor. “I don’t want my friends to be hungry for more than half the time,” he said.

Steam cookies are used to reduce fat levels in Akshaya Patra kitchens. Supporters of the project are concerned about the contents of some of the lunches offered by volunteers this week with chairs and sweet drinks.

“It solves the problem of hunger, but not the problem of nutrition,” Sheikhwat said. “It causes problems like adolescent diabetes and coronary heart disease.”

Sonal Sachdev Patel, chief executive of the GMSP Foundation, which donated £ 500,000 to the kitchen, said: “The way this country has responded is amazing, but [many small operations] There is no solution.

Hunger has been a problem in Britain for a long time. The solution is to bring in the technology and innovation that India is already using. They have a nutrition problem, we have a nutrition problem, but they are already doing it.


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