Indian cricket great Sachin Tendulkar signs deal with Kovid-19

Sachin Tendulkar has revealed that he has contracted the corona virus and its symptoms are also symptomatic, as the infection is on the rise in India, the world’s second most populous country.

The great batsman, who turned 48 next month, retired from professional play in 2013 after scoring an unshakable 100 international centuries in his 24-year career. He recently returned to the crease as the captain of the India Legends team at a promotional event called Road Safety World Series in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

“I am testing myself and taking all the recommended precautions to keep the cove in the bay. However, I have had a positive experience today after mild symptoms,” Tendulkar tweeted. “Everyone else in the house has had a negative experience. I have confined myself to the house and I am following all the necessary protocols as advised by my doctors.

India reported 62,258 new infections on Saturday, the highest since October, reaching 11.91 million. The death toll rose 291 to 161,240.

Tendulkar lives in Mumbai, the capital of the western state of Maharashtra, where matters have been most affected by the resurgence. In the commercial capital of India, Mumbai, Maharashtra on Friday saw a steady rise in infections and an all-time high of 36,902 new cases, including 5,515 reported.

The state government has announced a curfew from Sunday night to curb the spread of the virus, while authorities may also impose local lockdowns in some districts after giving advance notice to the public.


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